European Societal Security Research Organisation

Security is not a clearly definable condition or state, to be achieved and preserved, but rather a social or cultural value. It is based on social conditions and processes, relies on the support and maintenance of inclusive and democratic cultures, and is best understood as a dynamic state of resilience in societies based on global, national and regional social justice and human values.


ESSRO promotes

such a comprehensive and integrative understanding of security, including social, cultural, technological, legal, political and economic dimensions.


ESSRO brings together

critical analyses and reflections on current developments, arrangements and practices in the realm of societal security, thus broadening the debate on and acceptance of the societal security approach.


ESSRO constitutes

a platform representing the interests of the SSH research community in different public and political forums, such as hearings, working groups, parliamentary committees, and the media, especially on a European level.


ESSRO fosters

the development and implementation of more resilient and inclusive security policies.


ESSRO aims

to become the central European hub of competence and standards for good practices in the field of civil security research, collecting and integrating ideas and approaches from across Europe and beyond.